Alexis Kindopp's Bridesmaid Dresses

         Hello everyone !! this is Alexis Kindopp.My great honor to share your girls our shopping experience here.

         Let me just start.we are looking for gold bridesmaid dresses for my wedding .so we order one at first and glad to find it is exactly what we want !!my bridesmaids then ordered one by one .However,one of my girls did not check the size chart and ordered it in wrong size.we had to contacted alinanova immediately and they responded very promtly and help us get a new dress .so i will recommend if you order from here,you girls better check the size chart ,do as their measurement guide. then everything will be perfect !!!  Our wedding was on August,2019..we could not ask for better bridesmaids Dresses !!!we love you !alinanova !!! my girl also share our pic on their instagram page (@alinanova_offical ) if you need more pics just see from their instagram .

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